Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 Elliptical on sale

Top Seller: NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 Elliptical on sale $949.99. Save $350 via this link
Offer valid: 3/22-3/28
With the StrideMax™ Power Incline Ramp you can burn more calories and build muscle faster. It also features the new ifit® Workout Card technology that provides workouts and coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer and the Interplay™ Music Port™ that allows you to play your favorite music files through the built-in speakers as you exercise.

* ifit® Workout Card Technology: ifit® combines fitness equipment and modern technology with interactive Memory Cards that can be ordered from your local Sears retailer or the Internet. Each ifit® Workout automatically controls the resistance of the elliptical and provides motivational coaching from a certified personal trainer.
* Interplay™ Music Port™: Plug your media player into the console and play your favorite music or media files through the ellipticals built-in speakers. The port is equipped with a shelf that is great for securing most audio devices.
* High Resolution Grafixx™ Display: The brand new white backlit Grafixx™ is a higher-resolution graphical display that animates your screen giving you more accurate, less machine-like readings.
* StrideMax™ Power Incline Ramp: Changing the incline of an elliptical changes the shape of the elliptical stride, which alters the muscle groups your workout focuses on. This motorized Incline Ramp™ has a number of incline settings with a max incline of 30.
* Space Saver Design™: To save nearly 3 feet of space, the elliptical pedals and base fold vertically for storage.
* Commercial Grade Steel Frame: Able to withstand the most rigorous workouts, this heavy-duty elliptical has a tough commercial-gauge steel frame.
* SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance: This smooth, frictionless resistance system allows you to adjust your workout intensity without interrupting your workout. Choose from fifteen resistance levels to target specific workout and conditioning goals.
* Upper-Body Workout Arms with Soft Grips: Burn more calories and add muscle tone with upper-body arms that provide a great total-body workout and increased cardio benefits.
* 6 Personal Trainer Workouts, 2 Heart Rate Workouts: The AudioStrider 990 comes with 6 Personal Trainer workouts

Monday, March 23, 2009

NordicTrack ACT Elliptical on sale

Incredible Savings: NordicTrack ACT Elliptical on sale at only $899.99. Save $1,099 via this link
Offer valid 3/22-3/28
The NordicTrack A.C.T. elliptical boasts an incredible 22" commercial stride length that recruits more calorie burning muscle stimulation than any other elliptical...in only 47" of floor space.

The NordicTrack A.C.T. elliptical boasts an incredible 22" commercial stride length that recruits more calorie burning muscle stimulation than any other elliptical...in only 47" of floor space. It also boasts sophisticated iFIT® electronics like the iFIT® fitness journal that logs all of your workout data for up to ten years. Along with 20 pre-loaded iFIT® workouts that give you instruction and automatically control your resistance. Theater Quality Sound System and iPod® compatibility allow you to plug in your iPod®/MP3 player directly into the console eliminating the need to plug in headphones. With solid construction, top-quality components and incredibly smooth operation, the A.C.T. is a gym-quality elliptical without the commercial-grade price.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sonicare Essence 5300 special offer

Sonicare Essence Base Model - 5300 for $49.99 at Target via this link
* Electric toothbrush
* Extra-soft bristles are gentle on teeth and gums
* 2-min. timer encourages recommended brush time and light communicates battery-charge status
* Includes a Sonicare toothbrush, charger base, travel cap, travel case and brush head
* 3Hx2-1/2x9L"

Sonicare Essence Base Model 5300 product reviews:
5 stars on 5: I purchased 3 of these toothbrushes and plan to purchase 3 more for the rest of my family! I have never experienced the cleanliness as to what you get when you brush with this! I brush 2-3 times a day and use to brush well over three minutes at a time... but not now! This is the best invention and the next morning my teeth feel just as clean as the night before! Do NOT hesitate to buy... well worth the price!

5 stars on 5: Every time after I brush my teeth for just 2 mins with this brush, my teeth are so smooth it feels like I just got a professional cleaning. I have never had a problem with it and HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. I wish I bought one years ago. If you are thinking about it, DONT PROCRASTINATE! Just do it and you will be VERY happy you did. Peace.

5 stars on 5: I saw commercial on TV about this brand, so I got idea to order it for my husband on christmas. I read reviews from this website, it's 5 stars. It made me be sure to order it. And WoW... My husband got excited when saw it hehehe He love it and happy to use it. I will order for myself soon.

5 stars on 5: About a month ago, a dentist suggested I get a Sonicare. I have had gum and tooth problems since I was pregnant. No matter how much I brushed and flossed the problems weren't improving. So I decided to do some research about Sonicare. I read reviews, priced them out, and picked out the model I wanted.
Last night, I looked on here and noticed that Target had it on sale and there was one at my local store. So I ran to the store to buy it before someone else did.
Last night was my first time using it and then again this morning. WOW! I was so impressed. It was effortless to use. No scrubbing!! My teeth feel so clean that I feel like the denist just cleaned them. I can't believe what a difference, after just two uses. It was worth every penny! I love it!

5 stars on 5: I got this toothbrush about a week ago and I love it. The first time I used it I noticed a difference in how clean my teeth felt. Im used to a manual toothbrush so this one tickled me at first but Im getting used to it now. Its really great and I can feel the difference.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Introducing New Soma Artisan Yoga Pants

Soma just introduced exlcusive yoga pants with slimming waistband, leg-lenghtening seams, and shape-smoothing fabric.
The fattering fits you love, now with unique hand-drown prints.

Freedom Karma Pant
Flattering, comfortable, and now featuring a fun splash of color. Our favorite straight-leg silhouette takes on a bright floral print at the front left leg. Easy elastic waist. Figure-flattering slim fit through hip and thigh. Sits 2" below the natural waist. 30" inseam. Imported. 93% Pima Cotton, 7% Spandex. Machine Wash, Cold

Shift Panticon
Flattering wide-leg fit gets a splash of fun color. A bright floral outline decorates the front right leg. Front-placed side seams create a long, narrow leg-line. Easy elastic waist. Contrast topstitching. Wear it with our Starboard Jacket and At Sea Cami. Imported. 59% Cotton, 41% Rayon. Machine Wash, Cold.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

$70 off ProFrom XP Upright Cycle

Ride your way to a better body with this high-performance bike.

ProFrom XP 185u Upright Cycle on sale at only $229.99!
Save $70 via this link

Offer valid: 3/15-3/21

With iFit technology, 10 Personal Trainer workouts and racing-style handlebars, this bike is ready to help you reach your goals. A plush ProSoft™ seat with multiple planes of adjustment and an easy- to-read display make working out easy and comfortable. Additionally, the low-impact design gives you a great calorie burning workout without compromising sensitive joints. Lose weight, feel great and improve performance in just 8-weeks with iFit® interactive workout card technology! Each card is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer and plugs directly into the elliptical's console, automatically adjusting your resistance, while the voice of a personal trainer takes you through each workout. iFit® workout cards are available in Wellness and Weight Loss categories to give you the most advanced, interactive and result-specific fitness options.

* 10 Personal Trainer workouts that automatically adjust the resistance of the exercise bike to focus on aerobic, weight loss, or performance goal
* Oversized ProSoft™ Seat is bigger and cushier for a productive workout and a comfortable ride
* Plush seat can be adjusted up or down and back and forth
* EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor sensors are built into the handlebars to ensure you are in the right training zone for your goals
* Easy to read Blue-Tinted LCD Workout Display tracks your speed, time, distance, resistance, calories burned and pulse as you exercise
* 6 x 7 workout matrix to help you visually track your workout progress
* SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance system allows you to adjust your workout intensity without interrupting your workout
* Choose from ten resistance levels to target specific workout and conditioning goals
* 250 lb. Weight Capacity

Saturday, March 14, 2009

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Friday, March 6, 2009

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