Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brookstone Pain Relief Wand: NEW!

Clinically proven technology!
Brookstone Pain Relief Wand
Deeper, better and easier than heating pads, our Pain Relief Wand uses advanced infrared-emitting LED lights to soothe minor arthritis pain, tender joints, and aching muscles. Place directly against the afflicted area for localized temporary relief that goes deep into tissues where pain lives. These special infrared-wavelength LEDs also help to increase blood flow where applied and help your muscles truly relax. Order yours today!

Medical Indications of Use for the Brookstone Pain Relief Wand:
# Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain.
# Temporary relief of minor arthritis and muscle spasm.
# Relieves stiffness.
# Promotes relaxation of muscle tissue.
# Temporarily increases local blood circulation where applied.

For drug-free temporary relief of minor arthritis, joint and muscle pain, order your Brookstone® Pain Relief Wand today! link

How Pain Relief Wand works:

The advanced LED system in our Pain Relief Wand uses polychromatic infrared light, part of the natural light spectrum, to gently warm up body tissue and increase blood flow to the affected areas.

Dr. Louis Trifos, D.C., says this about our light therapy device for pain relief:
“I’ve recently incorporated the Brookstone® Pain Relief Wand into my practice with outstanding results. I recommend it to my colleagues for use in their practices, as well as patients and friends, for use at home.”

Clinically proven technology temporarily relieves minor arthritis, muscle and joint pain. Infrared light penetrates deep into body tissues to warm/maintain tissue temperature and increase blood flow to the affected area.

Reaches deeper than heating pads for relief where you need it!
Heating pads primarily heat only the surface of the skin. While this may feel good, very little of the soothing heat penetrates to where the pain can originate. Infrared polychromatic light penetrates to body tissues of different depths and delivers deeper, more thorough temporary relief.

Non-invasive, drug-free way to soothe minor arthritis pain and aching joints and muscles. The Brookstone® Pain Relief Wand uses infrared polychromatic light, which is part of the natural spectrum of light, to temporarily relieve minor arthritis, joint and muscle pain.

Never look directly into the Pain Relief Wand lights. Do not use on the upper eyelids or over the eyes themselves. Never use around the thyroid gland (front center of neck). It should be noted that the Pain Relief Wand increases photosensitivity. Avoid using the Pain Relief Wand while pregnant, if your have epilepsy, or are taking cortisone injections or taking any kind of steroid injections.

IMPORTANT: Read Before Using the Pain Relief Wand
The Brookstone® Pain Relief Wand is a non-invasive, gentle therapy used to temporarily relieve minor arthritis, joint and muscle pain.

You may not notice an immediate effect when first using the Pain Relief Wand. You may require multiple treatments before noticing results or benefits.

When using the Pain Relief Wand you may notice only a slight warming sensation where the Light Transmission Window touches your skin. This is normal. This product is not designed to heat the skin, the energy is directed deeper into body tissues.