Sunday, August 3, 2008

7 Things That Won't Give You Cancer

Smoking, drinking alcohol and exposure to sunlight are the leading risk factors for developing cancer, but drinking coffee, using mobile phones or having breast implants are three things that are highly unlikely to lead to cancer.

That's the reassuring word from a new study by an Australian cancer specialist, who has created a risk ranking system to debunk urban legends about what will and won't give you cancer. Reuters reports that the five-point scale, which was created by University of New South Wales professor Bernard Stewart, lists the risk of cancer from proven and likely, to inferred, unknown or unlikely.

7 things that won't give you cancer:
1. Drinking coffee
2. Talking on a mobile phone
3. Using deodorants
4. Having breast implants
5. Drinking water with added fluoride
6. Using artificial sweeteners
7. Having dental fillings

Stewart's research was published in the journal Mutation Research Reviews.

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