Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eat this and you won't gain weight

Women who eat whole grains and shun highly-processed refined grains gain less weight as they age, according to a 12-year Harvard University study of 74,000 middle-aged women who were between the ages of 38 and 63 when the research began, reports Reuters.

Those with the highest fiber intake, especially from such foods as oatmeal and whole-grain breakfast cereals, were half as likely as those with the lowest intake to become obese over the 12-year study period. But the women whose diets were heavily laden with refined grains, such as pasta and white bread, gained more weight over time. The results included the effects of alcohol intake and exercise.

The big takeaway from this study is that not all carbohydrates are alike, study leader Simin Liu explained to Reuters. Carbs containing whole grains are much more filling than highly-processed carbohydrate products, so people who choose brown rice over white rice or oatmeal over a doughnut are more likely to eat less--and gain less weight in the process. In addition, whole grains create a slow, sustained release of sugar into the blood, unlike starchy grains that trigger a rapid increase in blood sugar. This slower release is thought to be beneficial for metabolism and fat storage.

Liu explained to Reuters that whole grains contain enzyme inhibitors that may get in the way of metabolic efficiency. That means the body is forced to burn extra calories just to digest and absorb whole-grain foods.

Here's the tough part: Most of the grain products Americans eat are highly processed, low in fiber, and packed with calories. That means we have to learn how to distinguish fiber-containing whole grains from refined ones.

The study findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Whole grains also provide a variety of colors, textures, shapes and flavors, which adds up to pure eating enjoyment-something we believe is equally important to great health.
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Buckwheat ~ Hearty in flavor and a good source of fiber, buckwheat is actually a seed-like fruit, closely related to rhubarb.
Tritacale ~ A natural cross between durum wheat and rye, this unique grain is higher in protein and more robust than its parents.
Rye ~ A staple grain made popular in medieval times, rye was chosen for its distinct flavor when combined with other whole grains.
Hard Red Winter Wheat ~ A hardy winter crop, this wheat berry is naturally higher in protein and gluten than traditional durum wheat.
Barley ~ Sweet and nutty in flavor, barley was considered "strength" food among early gladiators and is also a terrific source of soluble fiber.
Oats ~ Prized for their cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber, oats provide a natural sweetness all their own.
Long Grain Brown Rice ~ Delicate in flavor, brown rice has five times the fiber of white rice and is intimately involved in food culture throughout the world.
Sesame Seeds ~ Once credited with mystic powers ("Open, sesame!"), sesame seeds were the key to forming a complete protein in our Seven Whole Grains & Sesame blend and impart their distinct essence to our foods.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Surprising Top Cause of Heart Attacks

If you don't want to keel over from a heart attack tomorrow, take time to smell the roses today.

More than age, marital status, blood pressure and smoking, anxiety is the top cause of heart attacks, according to a study from the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation of Massachusetts.

The results were astounding: People who cut their stress levels and kept them under control had a whopping 60 percent reduced chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke than did constant worriers, reports Agence France Presse. The findings were based on a three-to-four-year study of 516 heart patients, 44 of whom suffered non-fatal heart attacks and 19 of whom died from a heart attack. Led by Yinong Young-Xu, the team found the common link among all those who suffered heart attacks was anxiety.

"Psychological stress, be it depression or anxiety, has been linked to the progression of atherosclerosis, development of atherothrombosis, and increased risk of arrhythmias," Yinong told AFP. "These findings should reinforce to cardiologists a need to attend to the whole patient by paying attention to psychological problems in addition to cardiovascular disease."

Alarmingly, scientists have concluded that constant stress and anxiety can even affect the rhythm of the heartbeat, heightening the risk of heart disease, reports AFP. Previous research has shown that people who have heart conditions and live in a permanent state of anxiety have twice the chance of suffering a heart attack or dying compared with those who live in a more calm state of being.

A separate study from Central University of Venezuela in Caracas concluded that patients are especially vulnerable if there is a family history of heart attack or sudden death from coronary disease. Sometimes the death of loved ones leaves its emotional scars, and somber events, such as the anniversary of a person's death, can actually lead to heart problems with fatal outcomes--particularly among men. "We've all known close family members who have died within hours, weeks, months or years of each other," lead study author Juan Marques told AFP. "This and previous studies indicate that cardiovascular mortality is affected by the anticipation or experience of psychological factors and symbolic occasions."

Both studies were presented to the 57th annual conference of the American College of Cardiology.
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

6 Best Summer Foods for Weight Loss

You are what you eat--at least that's true for your waistline. "Today" show nutritionist and diet editor Joy Bauer says that by making certain foods staples of your diet you can lose weight without going hungry.

The six best summer foods for weight loss:

Lose Big with Jillian Michaels

1. Chilled soups
Sip a chilled, broth-based soup, such as gazpacho or cucumber-dill, as an appetizer before lunch and dinner and you'll eat less during the meal--but be just as full.

2. Watermelon
Since watermelon is half water, it only has 80 calories per cup. It's also packed with vitamin C so it's good for you.

3. Salads
Eat a low-calorie salad (go easy on the dressing!) and you'll be full for hours. The best salad has unlimited vegetables with lean protein, such as chicken, tofu, shrimp or egg whites, along with a scoop of beans.

4. Grilled veggies
Fire up the outdoor grill and throw on onions, bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, eggplant and asparagus.

5. Unsweetened iced tea
Chose your favorite: black or green. Both have no calories and are packed with phytonutrients. Add a slice of fresh fruit for natural sweetness.

6. Fresh fruit
Fresh fruit is naturally sweet and low in calories. For a different kind of treat, try freezing grapes or bananas or grilling pineapple.

(Source: "Today")

Here are some great weight loss tips from Joy Bauer, too:

  • Put your fork down after each bite.
  • Chew sugarless gum instead of snacking.
  • Shock your tongue with spices.
  • Donate your "fat clothes."

--From the Editors at Netscape

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Moms Who Eat This Have Smarter Kids

Diet for a pregnant woman: Eat fish. Preschoolers whose moms had a diet rich in low-mercury fish have sharper minds than their friends whose moms didn't eat it, Reuters reports of a new study from Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The magic amount is more than two servings of fish a week. Moms who consumed this much while pregnant now have three-year-olds who perform better on tests of verbal, visual and motor development. But it must be fish that is low in mercury. Kids whose moms had high mercury levels in their blood during pregnancy had lower test scores. Unfortunately, mothers who regularly ate fish during pregnancy were more likely to have those high blood levels of mercury than were non-fish eaters.

"Recommendations for fish consumption during pregnancy should take into account the nutritional benefits of fish as well as the potential harms from mercury exposure," says lead researcher Dr. Emily Oken. Fish that should be avoided because it is high in mercury, which is toxic to developing brain cells, include shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish. Even tuna, salmon and sardines, which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are vital for fetal and child brain development, are more likely than not to be contaminated with mercury.

The study: Blood samples were taken from 341 women during their second trimester of pregnancy. Each woman was asked how often she ate various foods, including fish. When their children turned three years old, they were given standard tests of vocabulary, visual-spatial skills and fine-motor coordination of the hands and fingers.

The results: Overall the children whose mothers ate fish more than twice a week had higher test scores, reports Reuters. The children of mothers whose mercury levels were in the top 10 percent of the study had lower test scores than the kids of mothers whose mercury levels were lower. Only 2 percent of mothers who never ate fish during pregnancy had blood mercury levels that high, compared with 23 percent of those who ate fish more than twice weekly, explains Reuters.

The takeaway: While pregnant, eat fish that is low in mercury, including canned light tuna (not albacore, which is higher in mercury), some salmon, cod and haddock. The study findings were reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

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Walk to Cut Colon Cancer Risk

Weird Way to Cut Colon Cancer Risk
If you want to cut your risk of developing colon cancer, take a walk. Walking just one hour a week offers women protection against this disease, according to a new study from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Reuters reports that the more strenuously women exercise, the lower their risk. Although questions remain about what minimum intensity of exercise is required to reduce risk, even one hour a week appears to be enough to make a significant difference. Research showing that exercise reduces colon cancer risk has been "consistent and convincing," says team leader Dr. Kathleen Y. Wolin.

In this study, Wolin's team followed 79,295 women ages 40 to 65 years old for 16 years, during which time 547 developed colon cancer. All were participating in the Nurse's Health Study. They discovered that women who walked for one hour to 1.9 hours a week were 31 percent less likely to develop colon cancer than women who didn't walk at all. Those who exercised at moderate or vigorous intensity for more than four hours a week had a 44 percent lower risk of colon cancer, compared with those who exercised less than one hour a week.

There was no link between exercising over the long term and colon cancer risk, but the researchers note that the number of long-term exercisers may have been too small to detect a relationship, reports Reuters. The study findings were published in the International Journal of Cancer.
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11 Foods Men Should Eat Every Day

Good news, men! Even though you procrastinate going to the doctor for a check-up, rarely take your blood pressure and can't remember when you last had your cholesterol checked, you may be able to eat your way to good health. Men tend to think about their health only when it's a full-fledged emergency in what doctors call the "wait-and-treat" approach, reports This isn't the smartest approach to health care. But how easy is this? Pick up a knife and fork and you could significantly improve your health! That's the word from Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen, who advise men to eat 11 things every day (or close to that) to help keep their bodies healthy and strong.

Buy One Get One Free on select groceries11 things men should eat every day:
1. Fruits and vegetables
Eat five fruits and vegetables a day, especially those that are rich in magnesium, such as beets, raisins, dates and soybeans. Why? Among many other health benefits, they will keep your bowels moving regularly.
2. 25 grams of fiber
Foods rich in fiber are artichokes, lima beans, soybeans, grapefruit, certain berries and whole grains. Look for bread that says "100 percent whole grain" or "100 percent whole wheat."
3. Foods rich in folate
Either take a supplement or drink orange juice and eat spinach and other leafy green vegetables. Aim to get 800 milligrams a day. It decreases your blood pressure and risk of cancer.
4. Tomatoes
For the biggest health punch--and we're talking about everything from helping to prevent impotence and wrinkling skin to heart disease and stroke--eat at least 10 tablespoons of cooked tomato sauce a week, which is the equivalent of 165 raw tomatoes.
5. Walnuts and almonds
Eat nuts before you eat pasta or corn on the cob and the fat in the nuts will slow your stomach so your body can most effectively process the sugar in these foods Tip: Refrigerate the nuts so they don't oxidize.
6. Baby aspirin
OK, it's not a food, but Dr. Oz calls it the "true magic pill." See your doctor first, but he recommends men over 35 should take two baby aspirin a day to help prevent heart disease and cancer.
7. Fish
Eat fish three times a week. The best fish to eat is salmon, which is not only a great source of protein, but also packed with omega-3 fatty acids for heart health. Other good fish are tilapia, flounder, cod and mahi-mahi.
8. Fluids
Drink 64 ounces of fluids every day to hydrate. It not only helps move your bowels regularly, but also prevents wrinkling of the skin. (No, beer doesn't count as a fluid.)
9. Red wine
Red wine contains rezveritrol, a very strong antioxidant that has also been shown to be heart-healthy.
10. Coffee
Yes, coffee is good for you! It has been shown to reduce liver cancer and is effective with symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's. Dr. Oz suggests drinking 24 ounces a day.
11. Vitamin D
This is a vital nutrient that comes naturally from sunshine, but in the winter you'll need to supplement it with a glass of milk or fortified orange juice.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Frightening Warning About Tylenol Usage

If you frequently pop Tylenol for your daily aches and pains, beware.

Healthy adults who took the maximum recommended doses of Tylenol for two weeks--which is the equivalent of eight extra-strength tablets daily--had abnormal liver test results, reports The Associated Press of a new study from the University of Southern California and the University of North Carolina.

Although the study was small--just 106 participants--the researchers are concerned that even normal amounts of the popular painkiller could lead to liver damage.

In this study, the volunteers were divided into three groups: One took just Tylenol, a second took Tylenol and an opioid painkiller and the third took a placebo. Those who took the dummy pill showed no alarming liver test results, but nearly 40 percent of those in the first two groups who took the Tylenol had abnormal test results that would signal liver damage, reports AP.

"I would urge the public not to exceed four grams a day. This is a drug that has a rather narrow safety window," study co-author Dr. Neil Kaplowitz told AP. He also advised heavy drinkers to take no more than two grams a day.

Meanwhile, McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Tylenol, said its own tests, which tracked higher doses over a longer period of time, showed much lower rates of abnormal liver test results. "It doesn't lead to liver disease, and it usually resolves as patients continue to take acetaminophen," Dr. Edwin Kuffner, senior director of medical affairs at McNeil, explained to AP.

Tylenol's active ingredient is acetaminophen, which is a more popular painkiller than either aspirin or ibuprofen. Acetaminophen is included in many over-the-counter and prescription medications so people often don't realize they are taking it.

The study findings were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

5 Best Foods For Real Men to Eat

Men, wouldn't it be great to eat just the right foods and have bulges in all the right places? You might just be able to do that if you follow the advice of Dr. Steven Lamm, author of "The Hardness Factor: How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age."

He says there are five specific foods that should be a staple of every man's diet. They're not only healthy, but also they will increase male stamina, he told The New York Post.

This is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower triglyceride levels and blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Eat wild salmon two to four times a week. Don't like salmon? Go for Alaskan halibut, canned albacore tuna, sardines, herring, trout, sea bass or clams.

This is the premier antioxidant, defending the body against heart disease and cancer, while helping to maintain youthful, healthy skin. Eat 1 to 2 cups a day. When blueberries aren't in season, eat cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants and purple grapes.

Popeye was right! Packed with vitamins, minerals and folic acid, spinach helps lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, a variety of cancers, age-related macular degeneration, and cataracts. Eat 1 cup of steamed spinach or 2 cups of raw spinach a day. Don't like it? Then eat kale, collards, Swiss chard, bok choy, romaine lettuce, mustard or turnip greens.

Nuts--from almonds to walnuts--are rich in the right kind of fat. They're also packed with arginine, an amino acid that helps keep arteries clear. Recent studies found that consuming 5 ounces of nuts a week can cut the risk of heart attack by one-third.

It's not your imagination. You really do feel good eating chocolate. Why? It contains phenylethylamine, the same pleasure-producing chemical that is released when we fall in love. Choose dark chocolate because it's packed with high levels of a type of antioxidant called flavonoids that help maintain a healthy heart and good circulation to reduce blood clotting, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Lamm also recommends bananas, grapes, poultry, tuna fish, avocado and peanuts for improving vascular health. "Anything that helps your heart is going to help your sex life," he told Newsweek.


Want more Dr. Steven Lamm's advice? Than read

The Hardness Factor: How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age

A groundbreaking comprehensive guide to male health and sexuality.
Sexual fitness goes hand in hand with overall health: Good sex means a man is most probably in good condition. The Hardness Factor is a comprehensive guide to sexual fitness for men, pointing the way to an enhanced self image, better sex, and improved health, and detailing how to increase sex drive and develop a measurably harder erection in just four days. The advent of Viagra is a sign that we are entering a new era of male sexual health, in which erectile problems are glitches to be overcome, not sources of shame and anxiety. This is the first major trade book to identify and describe how to achieve and preserve optimal hardness-and to show why the actual degree of hardness is the all-important barometer of a man's health.
Drawing on the cutting-edge research that he has carried out over the past several years clinician and researcher Dr. Steven Lamm explains his revolutionary approach to achieving and maintaining maximal male sexual performance, with easy-to-follow suggestions that translate to not only better sex, but greater emotional intimacy and a longer and more fulfilling life. Dr. Lamm gives men all the tools and information they need to take control of their bodies, including health quizzes and a simple at-home test to assess one's hardness. He also offers dramatic firsthand before-and-after case histories of patients and up-to-the minute information on the best natural erection-promoting supplements and prescription medications. The Hardness Factor shows just how easy it can be for men to take charge of their health and sex lives.

Friday, July 18, 2008

One Kind of Coffee Promotes Weight Loss

It doesn't sound very appetizing, but coffee that is made from green, unroasted beans promotes weight loss thanks to naturally occurring compounds, according to a study from the Oryza Oil & Fat Chemical Company, Ltd. in Aichi, Japan, reports The Discovery Channel.

Separate research by scientists at the University of Geneva in Switzerland had similar findings about green tea, which slightly increases the body's metabolism and speeds up its ability to burn fat.

But green coffee is even more potent than green tea as a weight loss supplement. "If a human consumes one kilogram per day of food (2.2 pounds) containing 10 grams (.35 ounce) of green coffee bean extract for 14 days, the increase in body weight may be suppressed by 35 percent," lead author and scientist Hiroshi Shimoda told Discovery News.

Regular coffee has no effect on weight loss. Shimoda says there are two types of compounds in unroasted coffee: caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The latter is destroyed during the roasting process and its decomposition is what gives coffee its characteristic aroma and flavor. Green coffee has no aroma and tastes slightly bitter, reports Discovery News.

The study: For 13 days, one group of laboratory mice was fed a diet that contained one percent green coffee bean extract, while others were fed food into which a small amount of caffeine or a small amount of chlorogenic acid was added. A control group of mice consumed a regular diet without any additives. The blood, weight and liver function of all the mice were analyzed.

The results: Taken alone, the caffeine and the chlorogenic acid had little effect, but when taken together the compounds reduced body weight by 35 percent when compared with a control group of mice that consumed no green coffee extract over the 13-day period.

Why? The scientists believe caffeine releases fatty acids from fat stored in the body, while the chlorogenic acid helps the liver to process these fatty acids more efficiently, reports Discovery News.

The study findings were published in the journal BioMed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

From the editors at Netscape


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Raw Green Beans - Mocha Ethiopia, 500g bag
Raw Green Beans - Mocha Ethiopia, 500g bag
Tangy Djimmah - an amazing spicy taste. Dry Processed Arabica beans from the small-holder farmers of the North Eastern Ethiopian Djimmah region. Roast lightly, as the natural tang and magic of Mocha would turn bitter if roasted any darker. The dry process means that fresh picked red cherries are laid in the sun to dry. Once the skin and flesh are dry and brittle, they are bashed off. The bean, left in its skin during this process, matures and sours slightly, developing the amazing winey tang for which real Ethiopian Mocha is famous.

Raw Green Beans - Fairtrade Colombian, 500g bag
Raw Green Beans - Fairtrade Colombian, 500g bag
A Fairtrade registered coffee. A clean and well prepared green bean from selected registered farms. This type of Colombian is adaptable so can be roasted to a medium or slightly higher roast to obtain a darker colour, but do not roast too high. Expect that smooth Colombian taste.

Raw Green Beans - Organic Papua New Guinea, 500g bag
Raw Green Beans - Organic Papua New Guinea, 500g bag
Gently concentrated heavier flavour. The Australians have made an amazing effort helping the tribesmen of The Arona Valley cultivate coffee, with irrigation from the Yonki dam. Full-bodied and heavy, yet milder than other Indonesian coffee.

There are many ways you can roast beans, starting with a thin layer of beans in a heavy frying pan agitated over a fierce flame, or a French chestnut roaster with paddle - we even have one customer who uses a bunsen burner (we don't recommend this at home!) The safest and most precise way is to use a domestic coffee roaster, such as the Precision Coffee Roaster the domestic coffee roaster with professional results:
Precision Coffee Roaster