Monday, June 9, 2008

One Vitamin May Boost Sexual Attraction

Just to be on the safe side, you might want to pop a vitamin pill. It turns out that vitamin D may--and we emphasize the word "may"--act as pheromones to attract the opposite sex.

It works in Iberian rock lizards, at least, and it may work in humans, too. Pheromones, which are naturally occurring substances excreted externally by animals' bodies, send an airborne message of attraction to the opposite sex.

The BBC News reports that new research from a Spanish team at the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid concludes that essential nutrients, such as vitamins, can make females become excited by secretions in males. When certain vitamins are in the male secretions, it's a sign of good health.

From an evolutionary point of view, this is a useful signal to females who want to mate. And it gets them all excited, too. "Most of the essential nutrients are also in the secretion," team leader Jose Martin told the BBC. "The male lizard puts in the secretion what he has in his body, and this will be a reflection of his health. In other lizard species, we have found a large amount of vitamin E in the secretion and we think that this will have a similar function as vitamin D."

All animals use pheromones as a way to communicate chemically to attract the opposite sex. The BBC notes that many pheromones belong to the steroid family of chemicals and are odorless to humans. Whether or not vitamin D and provitamin D play a role in sexual attraction in other species is still not clear and requires further research. "Provitamin D is a steroid very similar to cholesterol and testosterone, and they are in the same metabolic route, so they can be converted from one to another," Martin told the BBC. "So these two things could be very similar."

The study findings were published in the Royal Society journal Proceedings B, 2006.
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