Monday, April 14, 2008

Guess What Fights Bad Breath?

If you want to freshen your breath in the middle of the work day, eat some yogurt. A new study from Tsurumi University in Yokohama, Japan concludes that eating yogurt every day may keep your breath fresh and reduce the offensive odors of halitosis, reports HealthDayNews.

How much yogurt do you need to eat? Six ounces of sugar-free yogurt will do it.

Bad breath is not caused by the onions you had for lunch, but rather by anaerobic bacteria that breed on the back of the tongue. These bacteria produce volatile sulfur compounds. One of those compounds, hydrogen sulfide, is what causes your breath to smell like rotten eggs.

The Japanese researchers realized that regular yogurt consumption not only prevented gastrointestinal problems, but also reduced the risk of dental decay. "We are thinking that yogurt must be good for oral health, also," study co-author Nobuko Maeda, a professor of microbiology at Tsurumi University told HealthDayNews. So they recruited 24 volunteers, each of whom received identical instructions for oral hygiene, diet, and medication intake.

The study: Initially, the participants were told to not eat yogurt or products containing streptococci and lactobacilli, such as cheese and pickled vegetables, but in the second half of the study they consumed a little more than three ounces of yogurt twice a day for six weeks. Samples of their saliva and tongue coatings were collected, and researchers measured the volatile sulfide compound concentrations in their mouths.

The results: After six weeks of eating yogurt daily, the hydrogen sulfide levels decreased in 80 percent of the volunteers who had bad breath. The yogurt also significantly reduced plaque and gingivitis in people who had bad breath, compared with the initial phase when they did not eat yogurt.

The study, which was funded in part by a major Japanese yogurt maker, was presented to a meeting of the International Association for Dental Research in Baltimore, Md.

If you'd like to make yogurt at home, you need only milk, a yougurt maker and some yougurt mix, and once you have yogurt you can even serve it frozen!

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