Friday, February 15, 2008

Selecting a Blood Glucose Meter

Courtesy of Hocks.Com On-Line Pharmacy

When selecting your glucose meter there are several things you may want to keep in mind as there are dozens of prodcuts to choose from and each has it's own distinct features to suite your personal needs.

When reviewing meter descriptions and their features there are a definitions you should know that will help you when making your purchasing decision.

  • Plasma vs. Whole Blood - Whether the measurement is the whole blood measurement or the plasma measurement. All blood glucose meters actually measure whole blood, but translate the result into plasma measurement numbers, which are what your blood tests at a doctors office will be measured in. This makes for easier comparison.
  • Drop Size (in Microliters) - The amount of blood required for the glucose meter to accurately perform its test. The less blood a meter requires, the less painful and difficult it usually is.
  • Range (mg/dl) - The range of blood sugar levels the meter can read.
  • Test Time Seconds - The amount of time the glucose meter needs to complete its test. Shorter times can be more convenient, especially when away from home.
  • Strip - The brand or type of test strips the glucose meter uses. The type of strips a meter uses are very important, as differences in strip price over many years can greatly affect the cost of using a certain type of meter.
  • Battery - The type of battery the glucose meter uses. If you meter uses a more exotic battery it may be harder to replace, but it also may offset that difficulty my offering a longer life.
  • Features:The special features each glucose meter offers.
    • Download capable - If it is possible to download results from the meter to another device, such as a computer
    • Amount of Memory - Number of tests the meter can store
    • Approved for Alternate Site Testing - Whether or not the meter is approved for use in areas besides your fingers
    • Averaging Method - The different time frames the unit can average your results over, which can show long term trends
    • No Coding Required - Means that the meter can detect on its own the code of the inserted strip

Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Meter Kit

For testing glucose in whole blood. Designed to: Fill on very first time. Detect and prevent unreliable results. Give 5-second results. Test from finger, palm, and more.* Accu-Chek Multiclix lancet device (included). Exclusive drum design for least painful and most convenient testing.** Pre-loaded 6 lancet drum means no lancets to see or touch. Safe drum design helps minimize accidental fingersticks. No side-to-side lancet motion reduces skin tearing. Choice of 11 depth settings provides personalized comfort. Test right the first time. The right technology helps make every strip count! Wide-mouth strip pulls in the tiny blood drop like a magnet. Over 150 quality checks detect and prevent unreliable results. The right choice for less pain! Choose from five other areas of your body to give sensitive fingers a break. Test from your palm, forearm, upper arm, calf, thigh or finger - whichever works best for you.* No matter where you test, the Accu-Chek Multiclix lancet device is the least painful.**

One Touch Ultra Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Smaller Blood Sample: Requires just a tiny drop of blood.
Offers UltraSoft lancet with a thin tip for easy penetration.
More Choices For Testing: Option to take blood samples for fingers and arm.
UltraSoft sampler adjusts to individual needs to reduce pain.
Accurate Results in Just 5 Seconds: Large, easy-to-read display.
150-test memory with date and time.
Automatic 14 and 30-day averaging.
Can be downloaded into InTouch® software for data graphing and trending.