Friday, February 1, 2008

EZ-Sweetz, the perfect sweet (and healthy!) solution

It's a smart choice for your healthy style of life. Whether you are just watching your weight, adhering to a strict diet plan because of diabetes, or you just want an alternative sweetener without the undesired chemicals and calories, EZ-Sweetz™ is the perfect sweet solution.

EZ-Sweetz™ is made from Sucralose that is the same sweetener used for Splenda ®. EZ-Sweetz™ is specially formulated by a patented technology and offers many advantages to support the healthy lifestyle:
1) Tastes Like Sugar: EZ-Sweetz™ tastes like sugar and poses many additional advantages what sugar substitutes packets do not have.
2) No Calorie, No Sugar, No Carbohydrate: EZ-Sweetz™ is made from Sucralose that tastes like sugar. With the simplified fomular, EZ-Sweetz has no sugar, no calories, and no carbohydrate. Sucralose has been used in Splenda and other food products as sweetener, and the sugar-like taste has been proven by million consumers since the sweetener approved by FDA in 1998.
3) Free of Tabletop Packet Filler Material: EZ-Sweetz™ simplifies product ingredients and free of carbohydrate and other filling material that comprise more than 99% of the tabletop packets content. With five servings a day, you can avoid taking 4 lb of chemicals in a year!
4) One Drop & Sweet Enough: Easy, Simple, No Stirring, and No Mess. It is great for Party, Travel, Picnic, and Other Outdoor Activities, and is convenient for home and office uses.
5) Broad Applications: EZ-Sweetz™ is a great way to sweeten your favor beverages, cereal, and more. EZ-Sweetz™ is heat stable, and can be used where you use sugar in cooking and baking.

EZ-Sweetz Added || Equivalent Sugar Sweetness

1 Drop 2 Teaspoon
24 Drops 1 Cup