Monday, December 31, 2007

Sugarest, the sugar blocker

Sugarest™ is a "sugar blocker", used as an aid to any diet, and has become a media phenomenon. In just two months since its introduction, Sugarest™ has been featured on Good Morning America, newscasts on ABC, CBS, and Fox, and in feature articles in the Washington Post and New York Newsday! Sugarest™ works by temporarily neutralizing the sweet taste receptors on the tongue so you cannot taste the sugar in any food. Just allow one Sugarest™ tablet to dissolve slowly in your mouth, and sugary foods and sweets lose their taste and appeal. If you eat something containing any type of sugar after taking Sugarest™, it won’t taste sweet and you won’t want to eat it. You will immediately lose your cravings and desire for sweet fattening foods. The result will be healthier eating habits and a new slimmer you! Sugarest™ also works on cigarettes! did you know all cigarettes have sweeteners added? Sugarest™ neutralizes these sweets, and takes away the taste of cigarettes. Since the smoke tastes bad, the smoker will put the cigarette out, helping them to quit the habit!