Monday, December 31, 2007

Fitness promotions at J&R

Omron BF-400 Fat Loss Monitor with Scale

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The HBF-400 Fat loss Monitor with scale is designed to help lose weigh AND maintain that loss! Its easy-to-read display shows you your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI index -- all in seconds. Get a better look at how your weight loss is going - and always know just where you stand!
Easy to read large Digital display
Weight, body fat %, & BMI in seconds
4 person profiles with previous measurement results
1 scale for the whole family
Weight capacity up to 330lbs.
4 AA Batteries included

Omron HJ112 Premium Pedometer

The OMRON HJ112 Premium Pedometer is a fun and useful way to quantify all that great "burn" you're feeling.
Counts footsteps and aerobic steps while you walk or work out
Tracks distance traveled in miles along with amount of calories burned
Advanced technology provides added flexibility to count steps while pedometer is placed in your pocket or clipped to your belt
Monitor your time with AM/PM clock
7 day Memory function
Great for use while jogging!
1 year Warranty

Oregon Scientific PE823 Pedometer with Calorie Counter and 7 Day Memory

This pedometer measures distance walked, time elapsed, and calories burned while you walk. The Memory captures Data so results can be compared and progress checked over an entire week of activity.
Measures distance walked & time elapsed
Measures calories burned
Memory stores 7 days of walking data including steps, distance and calorie data
Target feature measures progress toward and estimates time to reach goal
Step counter measures 0 to 99,999 steps
HiGlo electroluminescent backlight for easy viewing
Count up timer up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
Batteries included: 1x CR2032 3v
Dimensions: Length 2.0 x Depth 2.0 x Height 1.75 inch

Fitness Quest 17700 Leg Magic Exercise Machine

# Tone your legs the fast and easy way. Fitness Quest Leg Magic is an exercise machine that targets the leg muscles. Leg Magic will give you super model legs. It works both the outer and inner thighs. Get the lower body of your dreams by working out as little as 60 seconds a day. The 17700 folds for easy storage. Fitness Quest offer what may be an industry first, "Sixty Second Guarantee:" If you don't feel Leg Magic working within 60 seconds, you can return the product for a refund. Its lateral sliding motion and curved track targets your entire lower body for an intense, effective workout. It helps boost your heart rate and lose Weight too. Features sturdy steel construction that folds for easy storage. Leg Magic features a Step Counter to Monitor your moves. Workout DVD and Eating Nutrition Guide included. 90-day limited warranty. Tagets the Leg Muscles
# Folds for Easy Storage
# Assembles in Seconds
# Sixty Second Guarantee
# Helps boost your heart
# Lose weight too
# Step counter
# 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
# Work out DVD / Eating Nutrition Guide Included

Fitness Quest 17350 Ab Lounge Ultra

# Get that sexy firm stomach and slim waistline you always wanted. The Ab Lounge Ultra by Fitness Quest offers a full range of motion for more muscle activity in the upper and lower abdominals and obliques. The unique Ergonomic design helps support your head, neck and back, while the Focus Strap and Iso-Grip padded handles help provide multiple hand positions. The entire unit folds when not in use for easy storage. Supports up to 250 pounds. Workout DVD included. Features: Focus Strap and Iso-Grip padded handles for multiple hand positions
# Premium ergonomic mesh seat breathes and supports neck, head and back
# Folds for easy storage
# Premium foot pedals
# Rolled steel frame
# Supports up to 250 lbs
# Workout DVD included

Forerunner 50 Workout Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Jump start your training with Forerunner 50. This sleek sports watch is ideal for running, cycling and other fitness activities, and comes with a wireless heart rate monitor. It provides you with instant workout Data including training time, pace, distance, lap pace, lap time, lap distance, average and best pace, calories, maximum and average heart rate. It also records both lap and detailed data. Forerunner 50 also comes bundled with a wireless heart rate monitor. It effectively tracks and records your heart rate while you work out, providing instant feedback about how hard your heart is working. The included Digital heart rate monitor continuously tracks heart beats per minute which is wirelessly transmitted to the Forerunner 50. Even train in a certain heart rate zone to improve your fitness level. And well after your workout is done, Forerunner 50 is still working, wirelessly transmitting your training data to your PC. Plus, with Garmin’s innovative Optional ANT + Sport wireless technology, your workouts are automatically transferred to your Computer when your device is within range, with no need for cables or hookups. You can then analyze, store and share data with the Garmin Connect online community!
Sleek sport watch that records workout data, including training time, pace, distance, lap pace, lap time, lap distance, average and best pace, calories, maximum and average heart rate
For inside or outdoors training
Wireless heart rate monitor effectively tracks and records your heart rate
ANT + Sport™ wireless technology transmits your workout data right to your computer
Store and share data with the Garmin Connect online community - Windows Compatible only

Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch FS1

The FS1 Monitor is designed to help users achieve their Personal fitness goals and to indicate the level of physiological strain and intensity during an exercise session. It has added features beyond the basic heart rate monitor to give a complete workout.
Visual and audible alarm in target zone / Stopwatch / Water resistant to 50 meters / Extra large digits
Recording features: Exercise time (total) / Average heart rate of total exercises
Watch features: Time of day / Stopwatch
Includes Wrist Unit with CR2025 battery, Transmitter with built-in lithium cell, and Elastic Strap to hold transmitter on chest.

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