Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pounding Head? Discover 13 Sure-fire Herbal Remedies

They can be caused by a number of things including dehydration, hunger, grinding your teeth, a food allergy, sleeping on your neck wrong, giving up caffeine, and of course STRESS. Whatever the cause, there’s no mistaking that throbbing discomfort that plague so many Americans. Here are 13 natural remedies to attack your agony head on.

Tension, Hormonal, Seasonally-Occurring? Try...

  1. Magnesium - Replaces a magnesium deficiency that can cause head discomfort.

  2. Vitamin B-12 - Refills a Vitamin B-12 deficiency that can trigger discomfort.

  3. Ginger - Stimulates circulation, thins the blood, and helps blood flow to the surface.

  4. Valerian - Relaxes the mind and, encourages a healing sleep.

  5. St. John’s Wort - Promotes a positive outlook after too many “blue” days.

  6. Licorice - In Chinese herbal medicine, licorice root is an ingredient found in almost all herbal formulas for the purpose of “harmonizing” the separate herbs involved. One of its many active constituents—glycyrrhizin—has been found to possess anti-inflammatory

  7. Angelica - For centuries, Angelica Root has been hailed as the ultimate remedy and a blood purifier. Angelica is believed to be a health-protective herbal, as it blooms on the day of Saint Michael the Archangel.

  8. Skunk Cabbage - Also known as symplocarpus foetidus,this herb soothes the nervous system, which helps to reduce stress and mental fatigue.

  9. Chamomile - Calms the body. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Indians used this herb to treat disorders of the kidneys, liver, and bladder, and mind. Chamomile works well to promote healing.

  10. Kava Kava - It’s been used for three thousand years by the people of the South Pacific for ceremonial, social and medicinal purposes. Today, kava is proven to relax and de-stress.

Regular, Ongoing Head Distress? Try...
  1. Melatonin - Physiologists know that melatonin helps to regulates sleep patterns, and thus promote overall health.

  2. Cayenne - This herb enhances delivery of more oxygen to your brain, and relieves discomfort.

  3. 5-HTP - Your body needs 5-HTP to make serotonin, needed for normal nerve and brain function. It promotes calmness and sleep.

Feel better by taking care of your everyday stress in healthy ways. Visit
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It's also good to avoid
dehydration or hunger. Take your regular breaks and lunch times. Eat and drink
sensibly. Most importantly, be good to yourself!

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