Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Low Sodium Diet

On Your Way to Improving your Heart Health

If you are like many Americans, you have been diagnosed with one of several heart conditions like hypertension or high blood pressure. Due to the poor diets of many American people, as well as high levels of stress, more and more Americans have unhealthy hearts. When a doctor diagnoses a patient with a condition like this they often prescribe medication and tell them that they need to change their diet. One common suggestion in diet change is to switch to a low sodium diet.

Sodium is a necessary part of the body and is one of the main electrolytes in the body that is used for bodily function. For this reason, it is improper to completely remove sodium from your diet. Rather, you should be embarking on a low sodium diet to limit the amount that you ingest. Too little sodium in the body can lead to muscle weakness, cramps, or dizziness. That is why athletes consume sports drinks with electrolytes, including sodium, when they exercise.

Although you understand that you need to be on a low sodium diet, you may be unsure what that entails. You need to check with your doctor to determine how much sodium that you can have per day and stay under that amount. You will need to pay specific attention to the exact sodium content of every food that you eat. Keep in mind that many of the processed food that you buy at the store contain high levels of sodium.

If the idea of calculating the sodium level in every single food that you eat seems daunting, remember that you are doing this for your heart and your overall health. Also, you should realize that there are experts available to help you as you try to navigate this confusing and strange world of the low sodium diet.

Bistro MD can even provide you with complete, prepared meals that are low in sodium. We have a staff of wonderful chefs, as well as nutritionists, who are well aware of how difficult it can be for people to cut the sodium from their diet. We are also well aware of how wonderful food can be, even if it is low in sodium. We have worked very hard to come up with meals that you will love that will also be great for your heart.

Simply because you are switching to a low sodium diet in no way means that you will be eating bland, tasteless food. Bistro, MD chefs pride themselves on their ability to make wonderful tasting foods that are also healthy and low sodium.

If you think that the low sodium diet that Bistro, MD has to offer is right for you click here. You will not regret this decision because you will soon be enjoying your low sodium diet in a way that you never thought possible.

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